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by Liv

Adrift: (adj.) not anchored; moving with the sea & wind;
floating without being moored or steered

This body of work is Adrift. I am drawn to water because it is full of contradiction; it is calm yet chaotic, life giving yet treacherous, constant yet unpredictable. It is full of history and necessary to our being. Through painting it, I feel its rhythm and movement and spirit. I aim to capture the beauty in the untouched, applying whimsy with sureness.

I am able to place value in the moment and pull what I need from the water, just as I hope the viewer is able to do. Its contradictions become its strengths as we see what we need to see. Adrift captures a variety of these needs – tranquility, a push, reassurance, and relief.

As I continue painting water I aim to continue transforming vast spaces on small canvases. I have set only two parameters: smaller canvases are for larger expanses where shoreline and skyline can exist in a condensed space; larger canvases are for close up, in depth depictions of water entangled with light. This juxtaposition of big meets small and vice versa mimics the contradiction of the waves themselves.

Let the water hit your feet as I invite you into my world of miniatures.

– Liv


Art from this series ranges from 5×5 to 20×20 inches. All pieces are for sale unless otherwise specified. The prices reflect size, hours spent, and cost of materials. If you would like a further breakdown of how I determine my prices please feel free to ask. I am also able to arrange payment plans. If you are interested in a specific piece and would like further images, don’t hesitate to reach out!

At this time, I am also accepting ADRIFT inspired commission inquiries.